Read how MATOC and their partner agencies are making the news:

MATOC Monitors Region during Eventful Weeks (Links to CATT, Posted September 27, 2011)

New Operations Center Gets Local News Attention (Links to CATT, Posted March 9, 2011)

Thundersnow helps MATOC Get Post Attention (Links to Washington Post, posted February 21, 2011)

Did You Know?

  • “Cell phone use was reported in 18% of distraction related fatalities in America.”
    For more information about this fact, visit:
  • "Baltimore became home to the first railroad in the country in 1830 - and the tracks MARC Train uses on the Camden Line follow the same route." This fact is brought to you by the Maryland Transit Administration.

  • "D.C. seatbelt usage decreased from 2009 by -0.7%, Maryland seatbelt usage increased 0.7% in 2010 and Virginia’s seatbelt usage deceased in 2010 by 1.8% showing that only 80% of drivers wear their seatbelts while driving." For more information about seatbelt statistics, visit NHTSA.